Crown me or not?

A lot of people know that the dental crowns exist. However they do not know how these crowns are installed. This was the thing I experienced too. I did not know how this was done and I thought that it was a huge and dangerous procedure.

After every kid I gave birth to one of my teeth broke, I lost small pieces of them because the calcium was used from my body and my teeth got week.

So I ran to my dentist, she used to put some fillings to these teeth since I was too afraid of getting crowned. Although she kept reminding me that this would be the best solution for me in order to avoid future damages to my week teeth. I hesitated several years, but last year I finally decided to have 2 of my jaw teeth crowned. This way I wouldn’t have to worry about chewing and breaking my teeth.

About the procedure, this is how she proceeded:

First she gave me some shots around the tooth (ouch) and filed them just a millimeter or too around the whole tooth. This was not a nice feeling although I did not have any pain thanks to the shot. Then I got to go home for some days and later on she took a print of my teeth and my bite as well and they used these to make a perfectly fitting tooth for me. This must be such an artistic work!

After a week or so I went back to the dentist and she tried the crowns on my filed teeth. This was the longest week in my life. Every time I drank or ate something or even just when breathing through my mouth those filed teeth hurt with sharp pain. After making sure that they fitted perfectly she pushed down my flesh around my teeth a little bit (this was kinda hurting) and then glued them to my teeth with some cement.

I was going to add a video here about dental crowns but I reckon that probably you wouldn’t want to see this (I wouldn’t want to see this at least).

Anyways if you need a dental crown and you are afraid of it I can assure you that it is worth the inconvenience. Totally worth it. My crowns look just like my own teeth and now I do not have to worry about breaking them. Nice!


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