My evening procedure

OK. Friends had already told me, my Hubby had already told me, my kids had already noticed my evening before-going-to-bed procedure. I told you in my previous post that I am obsessed about teeth. And so I developed this procedure of tooth brushing. I bet you already guessed that it takes time for me to go to bed. Haha.

This is what I do:

  • I go to the bathroom and start with washing my hands with soap and hot water.
  • After this I dry my hands and use floss in between my teeth.
  • Then I take my electrical toothbrush with extra soft brush attached, hold it under hot water, letting the brush become soft.
  • I put special toothpaste that contains vitamin A and fluoride but WITHOUT sodium laureth sulfath (I am not going to write down it’s name here).
  • I brush my teeth with the electrical toothbrush for 2-4 minutes.
  • After this I grab an extra soft Swiss made special extra soft toothbrush and put some more toothpaste on it.
  • I make sure to brush all over my teeth again with it and to brush even behind those hard-to-reach places like behind the wisdom teeth.

  • I rinse my mouth twice (at least).
  • Then I grab my tongue scraper and scrape thoroughly my tongue with it, as many time as it is needed to be clean.
  • I rinse again.
  • I make sure to clean all the devices properly before putting them back to their places.
  • I remove my makeup (mostly eye makeup) using quite a lot of cotton pads and sticks.
  • I wash my face with warm water.
  • Then I clean my face (leaving my eyes out of the procedure) with special cleanser fluid.
  • After this is done, I let it dry a bit then I apply anti-aging eye wrinkle cream around my eyes.
  • I continue applying anti-aging night-cream on my face and neck.
  • When this is all done I rinse my mouth with mouth water containing fluoride.

  • I take a shower.
  • I file my soles.
  • I put body lotion all over my body.
  • I go to bed.
  • I apply foot cream on my feet (I am so afraid of getting those cracked soles )
  • I put some lip balm on.
  • I rub my hands with hand cream.
  • NOW I am ready to sleep.

I do this every single day. Call me crazy, if you want to. I do call myself obsessed. Or do you think that this is normal? Never the less, do you as well have some odd “procedures”? I would be happy to hear them .


4 thoughts on “My evening procedure

    • Well, let’s wait and see what my next post is going to be about and when it is coming. I don’t know the answer on either of them yet .
      Good idea on how I am putting my kids to bed, but probably that story won’t be as long as this one since I had taught them to fall asleep alone already at young ages.
      Anna recently posted..My evening procedureMy Profile

  1. You must look amazing, and have the freshest breath ever. All I can say is that your husband is the luckiest man ever! I actually forgot to brush my teeth last night, and woke up at about midnight to do it.

    Thanks for linking up
    Jess recently posted..Dancing Like BobMy Profile

    • Well, Jess, I don’t look amazing, but I think that being clean and fresh makes you more attractive and makes you feel better about yourself which makes you more attractive for other people (haha a bit too much of word repetition here). Does this make any sense for you? Thank you for your wonderful comment!
      Anna recently posted..Smelly Rotten Tooth MonsterMy Profile

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