Parents, please help your kids!

This following post was inspired by my daughter who came home yesterday and told me that she had two classmates at school, with rotten black teeth and the stink from their mouths was nearly unbearable for her. She does not even like to go close to them.

And we are talking about kids around 6-7 years of age!!!

This makes me so angry. Why won’t some kids’ parents care about their kids’ oral situation? Can’t they see that something nasty is going on in their mouth? I do check my kids’ teeth every single day and I make sure that they brush properly (I’ll help them)  and that they are not eating or drinking anything else than water after brushing their teeth before going to bed.

Many parents neglect the fact that their children have different dental care issues. This is one of the main reasons why these poor little kids/teenagers are not accepted in their school societies, and why they are going to suffer in the long run and they are not going to feel too good in life. It is only the parents who can help them dealing with the dental issues that they might have. This is one of the primary reasons why more and more people should be going to the dentist, asking for improved  smile design for their children. If they come to a level to even care so to say. But I think we are far behind this level.

Parents must be ready to do whatever it takes to improve their children’s oral health, otherwise their children are not going to feel comfortable and this is going to have a long term impact on their personalities.  It is pretty important to note that your children’s mental health is one of your top priorities as parents. If you have dealt with this problem already, it means that you have done your job, and your kid is not going to suffer because of his genetic or acquired problems, related to his or her dental health.

So PLEASE, if you are a parent, BRUSH and CHECK your kids’ TEETH regularly! This is absolutely the least we could do for them.

What do YOU think? Are you one of those neglecting parents too? Or are you like me, being mad at other parents?

4 thoughts on “Parents, please help your kids!

    • hahahaha, Stasha! Yes, I know it for sure now. You are so much fun!
      An apple a day keeps the dentist away - they so say . But we should be careful brushing our teeth directly after eating fruit for instance, since the acids in them can temporarily weaken our tooth enamel, and brushing on them can remove parts of the enamel. But you probably know that already …
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