Me, Myself and I

Hi there,

My name is Anna and I am a thirty-something mother of 3 children and this is my ramblings about dental health. Why?

Well, when I was a young child,  I my parents did not care about my (and their) oral health too much and I’M VERY MAD AT THEM because of this. I see the very same thing happening to a lot of kids and adults around me, this is making me so angry!

So this is how I became obsessed with my kids’ and my own oral hygiene (I am a glad amateur who reads a lot in this topic). By running this blog I am hoping to give people advices and help them to overcome their fear of THE DENTIST ( some might think of it as the :) butcher). All I can say that it is worth it! Big time!

Apart from my teeth fixation, I love to live life, meet friends, look good, enjoy life’s opportunities (I am kind of a hedonist), eat amazing food, and sleep a lot. This last one is not happening too often thanks to my children. :D

Prepare yourself for my opinions as I am going to pour them all over you if you are willing to read them :) .

Your opinion and comments are like candy for my ears, so please do not hold yourself back, give them all to me…I’ll love them all!

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