Cosmetic Dentistry - and why you hear more about it nowadays

Since I have started this blog, I read more about the great importance of cosmetic dentistry in general. I have no idea weather it was a coincidence or those dental topics started to draw my attention more, but surely I felt that everyone was talking about teeth.


Expressions like “Smile Design”, “Smile Makeover” and “Hollywood Smile” are bombarded towards us on a daily basis, suggesting that we are not accepted or can not ever be successful in our carrier or private life without a perfect smile.

Even Google bombarded me with SERP and Facebook ads, while I was doing some research within this topic.

A cosmetic dentist is a dentist with special skills and experiences within the orthodontic dentistry, being able to offer tailor-made individual treatment plans to suit just your needs and budget. Your dental treatment is customized, you can choose to simply whiten your teeth, or minor teeth adjustments, as well as more complex treatments to reach that “Hollywood” smile.

It is so hard to believe that these movie stars have (had) as bad teeth as we, ordinary folks.

Rebuilding my smile sounds surely very tempting, it seems that they have got so much to offer, but no-one seems to mention the risks or the side effect, as I suspect there are many. I am worried about all those things that can go wrong when a surgical intervention is done.

The cosmetic dentistry prices had got totally out of control, it is so difficult to find prices to start with (everyone is referring to individual price setting after the first dentist visit), or the costs for cosmetic dental surgery usually vary significantly between the dentistries.

Cosmetic Dentistry London had become a very hot topic in the media lately, there are a large number of leading dental practices located on Harley Street, offering expert dental services, such as:

  • general dentistry services
  • Dental hygienist and gum treatments
  • Teeth straightening and teeth whitening
  • Teeth replacements with bridges, implants or dentures
  • Emergency dentistry

Are you in need of some dental treatments, a  cosmetic dentist London can surely assist you, while you can keep your costs down as there is a great price competition down there right now due to the multitudinous foreign dental surgeon  settlers, mostly coming from Eastern European countries, forcing the prices down.

These dentistries are all providing very relaxing and advanced dental cosmetic environments and offering you the possibility of having everything done totally painless with analgesic solutions.

I recently read about something really weird: the gum lift. My first thought was: WTH? If someone’s gums overshadow particularly small teeth, he/she can do gum lift, which claims to be a very simple treatment, where they destroy the unwanted gum tissue safely and hygienically with a small and very accurate laser. They claim that although the  discomfort lasts for a few days after their appointment, this should settle down very soon. -  All I can say is that this sounds VERY painful to me! I have no idea how you guys feel, but burning away gum tissues is just too much for me to think of right now…

Is this really needed?

So, how do I feel about cosmetic dentistry? I am tempted BUT skeptical.


Do you think that we need a perfect Hollywood smile to prevail our professional and private lives? Do you agree with all these advertisements being hailed over us every single day?

I would appreciate your comments below!