Smelly Rotten Tooth Monster

Have you ever met someone for the very first time and were completely shocked by the look of their teeth or the smell coming out of their mouth? You are not alone. You just want to say to them, “Man, that is nasty, you should really take care of your teeth more”. Most people just think this, and not saying this right to the other’s face. You may be the one other people are thinking this about. Stained (or rotten!) teeth are a real turnoff, and won’t help you winning any points with the opposite sex or at job interview for instance.

I do meet people that disgust me a lot by opening their mouth. I am not sure that it is not me that is focusing on this too much and seeing mouth conditions that are blowing my mind, but surely there are too many people out there not caring about their teeth enough.

Sometimes I see people with a lot of stain and cavity on and in between the teeth and they don’t seem to be bothered about it, they smile at me, other people while they disgust and shock me and all I can think is: “God damn, this person has not been brushing her/his teeth lately or maybe not at all.”

WHY? Why are people so careless about their teeth?

There is one more thing I just can not stand and this is more common than I or you would think. It is the rotten tooth smell. Once one of your teeth gets attacked by cavity, you’ll notice a strange taste/smell in your mouth, even though the cavity is small and hard to locate. BUT still, you should react on that immediately and get your tooth fixed (the smaller the cavity, the easier and cheaper to fill the tooth), and you’ll chase the “Smelly Rotten Tooth Monster” away.

I have to admit that I meet this “Smelly Rotten Tooth Monster” a lot, a bit too much. Even some of my close family members have it. My gynecologist (!!! he is driving a Mercedes and is really well off) has it. Teachers have it. Young children have it. AND they DISGUST me BIG time. This monster seem to be present everywhere.

WHY? Again WHY? I am not rich but I at least get the fact that oral health is as important as your own body health. We should all take care of our mouths better!

Do you think that this post was provoking? I told you that I had opinions.

Smelly Armpits And You Are Not At Home – Emergency Solutions

Anyone can get embarrassed when it comes to body odor. At best you can go home to take a quick shower, but for the worst cases here are some tips that can come to your rescue.

Experts say the unpleasant body odor can be avoided if you follow a diet that contains a lot of vegetables, wear loose-fitting clothes, and always have socks on when wearing closed shoes. These advices are worth nothing in real everyday situations, like when you have been stuffing cheeseburger in your mouth during the whole weekend, overslept so there is no time to have a shower or you’re out of clean clothes and a pair of cheap nylon socks is the only thing that you can come across. But do not panic! There is a solution for everything even if you do not have time to get to the drugstore near you.

Grab a bottle of vinegar and sneak out from the restaurant
If you happen to notice that you do not smell too fresh in a restaurant, ask the waiter for some vinegar. If he is courious about why you need it, tell him that you want to deodorize your armpits with it. Most likely he is not going to beleive you and you won’t have to lye to him. But make sure that you are not using balsamic vinegar and come out of the restroom with two huge brown stains on your shirt.

Your next mission is to get to the restroom with the vinegar bottle and try not to look like an idiot. In case you not able to smuggle out the whole bottle, pour vinegar over some napkins, go to the restroom and freshen up your armpits with them. Corn flour works even better against body odor, but the waiter would think that you are a complete idiot if you asked for that.

Discover the bathroom cabinet when you are a guest at someone’s house
When you discover that you smell bad as a guests in someone’s house do not rush into his bathroom and use his deodorant (especially if the person is a male) because people would easily recognize their own cosmetics and you would get inot a very awkward situation mainly because they would find out that you were stinking. Noone likes the fact that someone else is rubbing his/her deodorant to his/her arpits. Not even your boyfriend !

The do-not-use-other-peoples-deodorant rule does not mean that it is forbidden to fumble around in the bathroom cabinet. In case you find talcum powder you can use that but make sure that you are not covered up with powder from top to toe when coming out of the bathroom. If you can not find talcum powder things that kill odor-causing bacteria, such as hand disinfecting fluid or even alcohol could help you out. But forget about the cleaning products, you are going to smell like a toilet and get rashes from them.

In case of smelly feet, do not take your shoes off
Not only armpits but your feet can smell awfully especially after a long day when you arrive somewhere where you must take your shoes off and you realize that you have not been wearing socks!

If you can get out to the bathroom wash your feet with soap and water, use talcum powder, disinfection, alcohol, or any other deodorant that you might come across. Be creative, you are going to find something for sure. If your feet really stink, tell the others that you can not take off your shoes because you are getting a special foot treatment. It is unlikely that someone asks you further questions, probably they are going to be thankful for the fact that you are not walking among them barefooted.

The lesson learned here is that you should always carry deodorant, foot spray and an extra pair of cotton socks with you. A nice refreshing spray or some intimate wipes can be useful too. However the best thing is to shower and wash your clothes regularly.